Installation is one of the most challenging topics in the construction industry  in Iran. Carrington International has spent extra time and energy to analyze problems and develop solutions to address these issues.

Having discussed with employers, workers teams, managers and engineers involved with the construction industry, our managers have identified four major issues related to installation jobs :

1) Lack of skilled labor

2) Non-compliance with the instructions provided by the material manufacturer

3) Non-respect of the terms of the contract by the workers

4) Improper behaviors and failure to comply with principles

The problems mentioned above, appear more markedly in small towns and the provinces.


To overcome these problems, Carrington International has reinforced its engineering team  by creating subdivisions each in charge of a specific part of the installation job. These subdivisions include design, detailing, supervision, and management and they come hand in hand to conduct installation through a methodical path.


Here are some works that have been implemented to advance the goals of our company with respect to installation jobs:

1) Provide clear Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) guidelines for the engineering department

2) Select workers after a thorough examination of social background, work ethics and technical aptitudes

3) Subject workers to restrictive contract terms

4) Provide continuous training for technical staff

5) Provide constant monitoring for all projects


The services provided by Carrington International for projects that require installation are as follows:


1) Free consultation before contract

2) Elaboration of As Built drawings

3) Coordinate Measurement + Data Processing

4) Shop Drawing

5) Supply and installation of steel accessories and structures

6) Supply of aluminum profiles and installation

7) Execution of cladding

8) Supervision of project


For additional information, please contact Carrington International’s engineering department.

Tel: +98 21 22671200.