The shareholders of Carrington International have a longstanding experience in the import and distribution of goods. This savoir-faire has been in the family for three generations.  For over six decades, the philosophy has consisted in conducting business with reliable manufacturers in Europe and America. Today, this philosophy remains unchanged; Carrington International selects its partners meticulously.

With regards to the activities of Carrington International in the local market, the company pursues a policy of transparency. All businesses are conducted through legitimate and legal channels in total compliance with country regulations. Carrington International is an official member of Tehran’s Chamber of Commerce and Industries.

Concerning transportation, Carrington International works with international companies and their agents in Iran. Customs clearance is handed over to well-experienced local companies. The ultimate objective is always to ensure that goods are delivered to customers on time.

A short history of Carrington International:

Mar 2007  : Date of establishment with the National Bureau of Company Registration

May 2007  : Representation agreement with Composites Gurea (Spain)

Aug 2007  : First cladding project executed with Parklex panels (LG Building)

Oct 2008  : Admission at Tehran’s Chamber of Commerce and Industries

Jun 2009  : Representation agreement with Sedpa S.A. (France – Xyltech)

Aug 2009: First exhibition at Tehran’s International Construction Show

Dec 2012: Representation agreement with SWM Wood of Finland.