Carrington International is a trading and service company specialized in the import and distribution of construction material in Iran. We offer a wide range of solutions to our customers, including outdoor and indoor products, all of each are delivered through a comprehensive program including design, engineering and installation. Our outdoor solutions comprise natural wood or composite cladding and decking material. For indoor products, we offer timber panels for walls and ceilings.

The driving force in all our activities is a strong company culture. We create value for our customers by abiding to four major principles:


  • Integrity

    Within the mindset of all Carrington personnel, integrity is not a business strategy, but a way of life. Over the years, Carrington International has proven to be a reliable partner for its customers. Financial benefit is never the top priority; our priority is the interests of our customers.

  • Customer Care

    We pay attention to the needs of our customers. We listen to them and we act upon their needs. Customers are at the heart of our business. Our organization and philosophy are all focused on the satisfaction of our customers.

  • Innovation

    We enjoy doing what we do. We are a company in continuous quest of innovation. Whether it is in marketing or engineering, we always endorse bright new ideas. Carrington International is innovative by nature.


  • Transparency

    We encourage our customers to extend their knowledge about their needs before finalizing their orders.  That is why we pursue a policy of transparency. Ease of access to information and free consultation are part of our company culture..